woohoo, i finished my gladys socks! i was so thrilled to finally have them off the needles and on my feet, because i think they might be my prettiest pair yet. :) 
 aahh! happy feet! and picture overload!

let me tell you, this pattern is pure genious! i love how the main stitch pattern goes all the way down the heelflap and i also liked how the sock decreases were divided to give a nice, rounded toe. something to remember!
  i couldn't be happier with my choice of yarn, using a neutral, light-coloured yarn really shows off the stitches. (i used Regia 4-ply Uni in light grey)
 the on-my-feet pictures actually don't show how lovely the stitch patterns are, so here are some of my instagram snaps! 

next thing i'm up to... cables! :) 
wishing you all a lovely sunday night!


i already blogged about a good deal of handmade baby stuff this year and i'm afraid it's not over just yet. :) good friends of ours had a beautiful baby girl called toni, which was the perfect reason to get behind my sewing machine and make some handmade presents!
  this was so much fun from beginning to end! i had the best time picking out fabric with my boyfriend and thinking about what to make... i decided to make bunting and a blanket. it all started with the soft hot pink fleece blanket i found in the store (because those are usually a bit cheaper than buying fleece it in the fabric store - and this one was sooo soft!) and we just picked out fabrics that matched. which ended up in a girly but happy and bright colour palette, with polka dots and flamingo's. :)
 the letters on the bunting are a fun detail: toni's father is a graphic designer and was my closest colleague at my previous job, so i knew he'd appreciate it if i used the exact type as used on the birth card he designed. ;)
we also found a cute baby summer top, which was a perfect match with the blanket & bunting, et voila, baby gift done! :) it does look a bit excessively colour-coordinated now i see it together like this, woops! guess i'm obsessive like that. ;)


the last pair of socks i finished were these Simple Trekking socks knit with (hah, surprise) Trekking XXL yarn. this yarn was lying in my stash for quite a while, and i thought it was about time i used it!
i chose the Simple Trekking socks pattern because i wanted something that was simple enough to show off the yarn, easy enough for some mindless knitting and interesting enough to not get really, really bored. ;)

 the pattern is quite straight-forward but features a broken rib detail on the toes and on the cuff. it also has a reinforced heel, which definitely feels quite durable and sturdy and is fun to knit also!

 i must say, i was happy and relieved to finish these, because i'm not too crazy about them! for a while i was thinking about starting again with a different pattern, but then i realised my biggest problem with these is mainly because of the yarn. the colours are quite masculine and not very cheerful.. i'm glad i pushed trough, because they fit great, they  really are super comfy! (hurray for ribbed socks)

so nevertheless, another warm and comfy pair was added to my sock drawer! 

(my apologies for the not-so-great photos, but the weather wasn't that great when i took them... )


we just returned from lovely holidays in Normandy, France! although we didn't have the best weather, we did have a great time and came home well rested and very impressed by the nature and WOII history of the places we visited. 

 but vacation just wouldn't be vacation if it didn't involve a good amount of knitting. ;) i started a new pair of socks again couple of months ago, and took the second sock with me to finish. so now i have again a finished pair to add to my sock drawer!

  the colours went surprisingly well with my new green t-shirt...
 ... but also with the fishing nets in the harbour...
 ... or the nature at Omaha Beach!

  i also took a new project with me, because this pair was almost finished and i printed out a gorgeous pattern weeks ago... :)  so in the last couple of days of our holidays i started knitting on a pair of Gladys socks! something a bit more challenging and with a solid yarn for a change! don't you just love the chevrons?

there's a post about my finished pair of socks coming up real soon.. but first there is some post-holidays washing and ironing to do... :) how did you spend your vacation? was it good? do you also take your crafty projects along? do tell me in the comment section! :) 


those who follow me on instagram might have noticed: there are loads of crafty things going on but rarely something shows up on the blog. some of you know i started combining my full-time job with working as a freelance designer a year ago, and i must say, the past year i really struggled to find the right balance between my job and my free time, which is why it's been so quiet here. all the free time i had was going to relaxing and actually making stuff, and blogging about the process just became too much.

that's when i thought about giving up my blog, but blogging gave me so much opportunities, like giving workshops at the Maakdag, winning great stuff, and designing a book (which you can WIN! click here!) i also learned so much stuff reading blogs and met so many inspiring people (both in real life as online)! i realized i didn't want to stop and blog along, even if it's just once a month.

so anyways, here's what i've been up to lately.. because that's what blogging is about, no? ;)

i made a cute little hat for friends who are expecting their first baby in august. it was a fun change from my usual go-to hat (the aviatrix pattern). this pattern is called "alladin" (excellent name!) and you can find it here on ravelry.

i changed the i-cord straps to a garter stitch strap because i didn't like how my i-cord looked. i also did another kind of increase which is why my hat looks slightly different from the pictures. i used Apilou yarn from Veritas, by the way.

and then i also made this baby blanket! this time i used fleece, piping and a cute Soft Cactus fabric. it was finished in a couple of hours (cutting the fabric was the hardest part, honestly) and it now keeps my niece warm when she is staying with my parents! 

and then i also finished my hexagon blanket by  participating in the Cherry Heart blanket-a-long, but i still didn't take a decent picture of it. it's already been put to good use in the chilly winter/pre-spring days though!